Bullet Bunny Vibrator

What’s the difference between a Bullet Bunny and a Mini-Mate? Well not that much. The sleeve is more literally phallic, but the main difference is the addition of what has to be described as a “passive” bunny at the base of the shaft.

The RO-120mm Bullet inside will deliver vibration to the vagina like the Mini-Mates range and I’m sure that the bunny will wave it’s little ears and tease a girls clit a bit but unlike sex toys such as the classic “Jessica Rabbit Vibrator” it doesn’t have a separate drive for the bunny so that stimulation is kind of secondary to the main event so to speak.

Nice idea to include a rabbit vibrator in the Rocks-Off range but without a suitable power source for the rabbit I think they backed themselves into a design corner with this one. That’s not to say the ladies won’t enjoy this sex toy, just not quite as much as perhaps they could have.


Mini-Mates Vibrators

The Mini-Mates range of vibrators from Rocks-Off is a series of RO-120mm Bullet powered sex toys all of which are differentiated by a different silicone sleeves. They are named Disco, Fever, Twirl, Jive, Fab and Funky and are available in a variety of colours, both solid colours and patterned.

If you are looking for a more substantial vibrator than the RO-80mm Bullet based offerings from Rocks-Off can provide then you might want to consider a Mini-Mate. There are six to choose from and some were even released as box sets with a single RO-120mm Bullet vibrator and a number of sleeves allowing you to change and experiment with different textures in your play. These multi-sleeve boxes are “special editions” of sorts and not being part of the main Rocks-Off sex toys product range may be limited in number.

Slinky Pinky Bullet Vibrator

Slim and pink the Slinky-Pinky is the simplest of sex toys and centainly the smoothest to be produced by Rocks-Off and based around their RO-80mm Bullet. What else? LOL

This silicone sleeved bullet  may be what some girls want but it is not the epitome of design innovation. Some might say the design of this Bullet vibrator is minimalist, others would say it’s basic. The Slinky Pinky Bullet certainly fills a gap in the market but if you want anything other than smooth silicone against your most delicate bits then this is not the one for you.

Check out the other silicone sleeved bullets in the Rocks-Off range before buying this one.

Groovy-Chick Vibrator

The Groovy-Chick Vibrator from Rocks-Off is a new dual stimulating sex toy. It might be seen in one respect as a replacement for the Original Rocks-Chick, however its different shape and more contemporary and refined styling mean that Rocks-Off may be running the two product lines in tandem indefinitely.

The Groovy-Chick seems to have a shorter reach than the Rock-Chick when it comes to G-Spot stimulation which may suit some women better than the original Rock-Chick. The changes to the styling are certainly an aesthetic improvement over the square-ish and slightly unrefined lines of the Rock-Chick.

Of course the Groovy-Chick as you might have already guessed is powered by the RO-80mm vibrator making it possible to swap vibrator units and batteries between toys if you have more than one in your collection of bedroom pleasure objects.

It will be interesting to see if the Groovy-Chick Vibrator does as well as its predecessor.

RO-100mm Soft Tip Bullet

The RO-100mm Soft Tip Bullet is shaped more like a real shell than any of its Rocks-Off predecessors. It would appear from the fact that it’s physically similar in size to an RO-80mm Bullet and uses the same N (LR1) cells to power it that the RO100mm is actually an enhanced version of Rock-s Off’s original bullet vibrator.

The “Soft Tip” name comes from the fact that the RO-100mm Bullet differs from its hard-cased predecessor the RO-80mm Bullet by having a tip made from silicone. This gives the bullet a slightly longer reach (that would be an extra 20mm then LOL) and a different feel because of the texture of the silicone.

In one respect this isn’t a huge leap for the Rocks-Off company because of the use of the RO-80mm’s vibrating engine, but the silicone tip is a clever way to leverage an existing design and give a reasonably differentiated product.

Ramsey Rabbit Vibrator

Ramsey Rabbit is an RO-80 powered bullet in the shape of, yes that’s right, a cute little bunny.

It’s not a great leap of imagination from similar early sleeves for the RO-80mm Bullet like the Lick Vibrator to this one but it is a bit of fun.

What I’ve said before about this particular kind of RO-80mm Bullet based silicone sleeved toy from Rocks-Off applies to the Ramsey Rabbit too. Easy to clean, body friendly and nicely made.

Nuff said.

Rude Boy Prostate Massager

The Rude Boy is a male sex toy and prostate massager with added perineal stimulation. Formed from silicone in a wide V shape one of the arms of the V is inserted into the anus and the other points forward resting against the perineum. Vibrations from the sex toy’s RO-80mm Bullet are transmitted to the perineum, opening of the anus and to a lesser extend inside the rectum up to the P-Spot.

Identifying an increased interest among heterosexual and homosexual men for a device specifically for P-Spot stimulation led to this, Rocks-Off’s first P-Spot massager. This simple male sex toy is easy to use and clean, none threatening to the beginner and very effective.

The Rude Boy Prostate Massager was recently sold in conjunction with the Monkey Spanker masturbator sex toy as a complimentary pair of male sex toys. Perhaps the ultimate in male self-indulgence; masturbation, and two sex toys at one? LOL