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Mini-Mates Vibrators

The Mini-Mates range of vibrators from Rocks-Off is a series of RO-120mm Bullet powered sex toys all of which are differentiated by a different silicone sleeves. They are named Disco, Fever, Twirl, Jive, Fab and Funky and are available in a variety of colours, both solid colours and patterned.

If you are looking for a more substantial vibrator than the RO-80mm Bullet based offerings from Rocks-Off can provide then you might want to consider a Mini-Mate. There are six to choose from and some were even released as box sets with a single RO-120mm Bullet vibrator and a number of sleeves allowing you to change and experiment with different textures in your play. These multi-sleeve boxes are “special editions” of sorts and not being part of the main Rocks-Off sex toys product range may be limited in number.


Slinky Pinky Bullet Vibrator

Slim and pink the Slinky-Pinky is the simplest of sex toys and centainly the smoothest to be produced by Rocks-Off and based around their RO-80mm Bullet. What else? LOL

This silicone sleeved bullet  may be what some girls want but it is not the epitome of design innovation. Some might say the design of this Bullet vibrator is minimalist, others would say it’s basic. The Slinky Pinky Bullet certainly fills a gap in the market but if you want anything other than smooth silicone against your most delicate bits then this is not the one for you.

Check out the other silicone sleeved bullets in the Rocks-Off range before buying this one.

RO-100mm Soft Tip Bullet

The RO-100mm Soft Tip Bullet is shaped more like a real shell than any of its Rocks-Off predecessors. It would appear from the fact that it’s physically similar in size to an RO-80mm Bullet and uses the same N (LR1) cells to power it that the RO100mm is actually an enhanced version of Rock-s Off’s original bullet vibrator.

The “Soft Tip” name comes from the fact that the RO-100mm Bullet differs from its hard-cased predecessor the RO-80mm Bullet by having a tip made from silicone. This gives the bullet a slightly longer reach (that would be an extra 20mm then LOL) and a different feel because of the texture of the silicone.

In one respect this isn’t a huge leap for the Rocks-Off company because of the use of the RO-80mm’s vibrating engine, but the silicone tip is a clever way to leverage an existing design and give a reasonably differentiated product.

RO-120mm Bullet Vibrator

The RO-120mm Bullet Vibrator represents a natural development of the Rocks-Off range of sex toys. Identical in shape to the RO-80mm vibrator its larger size means Rocks-Off sex toys were able to incorporate a larger and more powerful vibrating motor and move from the 1.5V LR1 Alkaline batteries to the universally available AAA cells. Two of these easy to obtain batteries provide the power for this new bullet vibrator.

The RO-120mm Bullet Vibrator has 5 speeds in contrast to the single speed of its older and smaller sibling the RO-80mm. However, like the RO-80mm it is waterproof and has only one simple push-button control that turns the bullet on, cycles through the speeds and modes and then turns the vibrator off again.

Rocks-Off Sex Toys sell the RO-120mm Bullet on its own and in a variety of sleeves with differing contours. There is even a silicone rabbit vibrator powered by the RO-120mm available from Rocks-Off.

RO-80mm Bullet Vibrator

Small bullet vibrators are one of the staple products of sex toy manufacturers around the world. And by around the world that usually means made in China, stuck in a box by a company elsewhere and badges as their own. They tend to be generic and of variable quality.

Rocks-Off Sex toys took the decision to design and have custom made their own bullet vibrator and named it the RO-80mm. If you have never seen one the RO-80mm bullet is 80mm long, so naming it was not too much of a leap of imagination for Rocks-Off. It provides on speed activated by the single push-button control at one end from the powerful vibrating motor at the other.

In between is a 1.5V LR1 Alkaline battery providing the power for this waterproof bullet vibrator.

Used on its own the RO-80mm Bullet is intended for use by women on the vaginal opening and clitoris. It is not however designed or recommend for anal stimulation except around the outside of the anus. Inserting an RO-80mm Bullet in your anus would be dangerous as its smooth shape means there is a high risk of it being drawn inside. That said Rocks-Off do now make anal sex toys powered by the RO-80mm bullet which are designed for anal use – more of that in later posts.

What more is there to say about the RO-80mm Bullet?

Well, they are fully waterproof and come in a variety of colours, including a shiny chrome version. They are constructed predominantly of ABS plastic and to date provide the vibration for the vast majority of Rocks-Off Sex Toys’ vibrating sex toys.