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Ramsey Rabbit Vibrator

Ramsey Rabbit is an RO-80 powered bullet in the shape of, yes that’s right, a cute little bunny.

It’s not a great leap of imagination from similar early sleeves for the RO-80mm Bullet like the Lick Vibrator to this one but it is a bit of fun.

What I’ve said before about this particular kind of RO-80mm Bullet based silicone sleeved toy from Rocks-Off applies to the Ramsey Rabbit too. Easy to clean, body friendly and nicely made.

Nuff said.


The Lick Vibrator

The Lick Vibrator from Rocks-Off is a silicone sleeved RO-80mm Bullet vibrator that was one of the first variants of the RO-80mm Bullet based range of mini vibrators from Rocks-Off sex toys.

The Lick Vibrator comes in a variety of colours and as its name suggests is shaped like a tongue.

While amusing enough the initial idea of a tongue shaped vibrator has to stand up to testing your most intimate areas and in so much as it’s comparable to other RO-80mm Bullet designs it does just that.

Not the greatest sex toy to be designed, and not the greatest sex toy to come out of Rocks-Off Sex Toys but it is well made, waterproof, easy to clean and perfectly body friendly with not a hint of the dreaded phthalates found in some cheaper sex toys.

Finger Tingles Vibrator

The Finger Tingles is a vibrator that is designed to be used by cupping it in your palm and placing your finger through the hole just behind its tip. The RO-80mm Bullet transmits its vibrations through your finger and curved silicone body to your lover’s most intimate areas.

The Finger Tingles Vibrator is a nice attempt to redesign the traditional mini vibe, finger vibe and “lady finger” style of vibe into something more sophisticated and effective. It certainly feels like a more high quality product than the hundreds of designs available as generic and badged products from other brands.

As with all Rocks-Off sex toys’ silicone bodied offerings some of the power of the RO-80mm Bullet is lost in transmission through the body of the toy but there’s still plenty of power left to make this an interesting and enjoyable toy, even if you personally might find it will not deliver earth shattering clitoral orgasms.