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Groovy-Chick Vibrator

The Groovy-Chick Vibrator from Rocks-Off is a new dual stimulating sex toy. It might be seen in one respect as a replacement for the Original Rocks-Chick, however its different shape and more contemporary and refined styling mean that Rocks-Off may be running the two product lines in tandem indefinitely.

The Groovy-Chick seems to have a shorter reach than the Rock-Chick when it comes to G-Spot stimulation which may suit some women better than the original Rock-Chick. The changes to the styling are certainly an aesthetic improvement over the square-ish and slightly unrefined lines of the Rock-Chick.

Of course the Groovy-Chick as you might have already guessed is powered by the RO-80mm vibrator making it possible to swap vibrator units and batteries between toys if you have more than one in your collection of bedroom pleasure objects.

It will be interesting to see if the Groovy-Chick Vibrator does as well as its predecessor.


Rock-Chick Vibrator

The Rock-Chick is a silicone vibrator for women which helped establish Rocks-Off as a successful manufacturer and supplier of Sex Toys. In comparison to most of the other female sex toys around at the time of its launch it stands out as something a little different.

The toy comprises two main assemblies. The silicone, U-Shaped body and the RO-80mm Bullet which provides vibrations.

The shape of the toy is designed to allow simultaneous stimulation of the clitoris and G-Spot by a combination of rubbing and the vibration of the RO-80mm Bullet. The flexibility of the silicone body allows the toy to bend and fit different users with differing preferences in stimulation. However the flexibility and elasticity of the silicone do impede somewhat the transmission of vibration from RO-80mm Bullet to the user’s clitoris.

More than five years after its launch the Rock-Chick is starting to look a little dated and Rocks-Off have now launched a more stylish companion products, the Groovy-Chick. That said in comparison to the hordes or rudimentary plastic dongs on the market this sex toy is still ahead of the pack.