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Bullet Bunny Vibrator

What’s the difference between a Bullet Bunny and a Mini-Mate? Well not that much. The sleeve is more literally phallic, but the main difference is the addition of what has to be described as a “passive” bunny at the base of the shaft.

The RO-120mm Bullet inside will deliver vibration to the vagina like the Mini-Mates range and I’m sure that the bunny will wave it’s little ears and tease a girls clit a bit but unlike sex toys such as the classic “Jessica Rabbit Vibrator” it doesn’t have a separate drive for the bunny so that stimulation is kind of secondary to the main event so to speak.

Nice idea to include a rabbit vibrator in the Rocks-Off range but without a suitable power source for the rabbit I think they backed themselves into a design corner with this one. That’s not to say the ladies won’t enjoy this sex toy, just not quite as much as perhaps they could have.