4US Cock Ring

The 4US Cock Ring from Rocks-Off is one of their most unusual sex toys. Designed to be worn by a man during intercourse for the pleasure of both partners the design seems to have been more influenced by the need to incorporate the Rocks-Off RO-80mm Bullet than any other consideration of style or utility.

The result is a usable of odd looking cock ring that is not for everyone. It’s made from a harder silicone compound than most other Rocks-Off sex toys and is therefore less stretchy than most other cock rings.

How many of these cock rings were sold by Rocks-Off is unknown but their price in comparison to less unwieldy designs by manufacturers with more conventional shapes and higher production volumes probably meant that sales were not huge.


The Lick Vibrator

The Lick Vibrator from Rocks-Off is a silicone sleeved RO-80mm Bullet vibrator that was one of the first variants of the RO-80mm Bullet based range of mini vibrators from Rocks-Off sex toys.

The Lick Vibrator comes in a variety of colours and as its name suggests is shaped like a tongue.

While amusing enough the initial idea of a tongue shaped vibrator has to stand up to testing your most intimate areas and in so much as it’s comparable to other RO-80mm Bullet designs it does just that.

Not the greatest sex toy to be designed, and not the greatest sex toy to come out of Rocks-Off Sex Toys but it is well made, waterproof, easy to clean and perfectly body friendly with not a hint of the dreaded phthalates found in some cheaper sex toys.

Ass Berry Vibrating Butt Plug

The Ass Berry is a vibrating butt plug which if you haven’t guessed already used the RO-80mm Bullet as its vibrating core. A light raspberry coloured sleeve in the shape of a very large berry fruit provides the shape and is injection moulded from what appears to be a slightly harder than normal silicone material.

Initial impressions of this toy are that it is quite small but its profile and texture shape make it a challenging anal sex toy to insert for the beginner. The shape is also unusual because unlike most anal sex toys the neck around the base and base itself that are provided to ensure the toy isn’t drawn inside your ass when in use is less distinct than its competitors. This isn’t an issue as there is enough of a base and neck for the toy to be used perfectly safely, and this also means the opening of your ass is held open wider when the toy is in use. Great if that’s the sensation you like.

Finger Tingles Vibrator

The Finger Tingles is a vibrator that is designed to be used by cupping it in your palm and placing your finger through the hole just behind its tip. The RO-80mm Bullet transmits its vibrations through your finger and curved silicone body to your lover’s most intimate areas.

The Finger Tingles Vibrator is a nice attempt to redesign the traditional mini vibe, finger vibe and “lady finger” style of vibe into something more sophisticated and effective. It certainly feels like a more high quality product than the hundreds of designs available as generic and badged products from other brands.

As with all Rocks-Off sex toys’ silicone bodied offerings some of the power of the RO-80mm Bullet is lost in transmission through the body of the toy but there’s still plenty of power left to make this an interesting and enjoyable toy, even if you personally might find it will not deliver earth shattering clitoral orgasms.

Rock-Chick Vibrator

The Rock-Chick is a silicone vibrator for women which helped establish Rocks-Off as a successful manufacturer and supplier of Sex Toys. In comparison to most of the other female sex toys around at the time of its launch it stands out as something a little different.

The toy comprises two main assemblies. The silicone, U-Shaped body and the RO-80mm Bullet which provides vibrations.

The shape of the toy is designed to allow simultaneous stimulation of the clitoris and G-Spot by a combination of rubbing and the vibration of the RO-80mm Bullet. The flexibility of the silicone body allows the toy to bend and fit different users with differing preferences in stimulation. However the flexibility and elasticity of the silicone do impede somewhat the transmission of vibration from RO-80mm Bullet to the user’s clitoris.

More than five years after its launch the Rock-Chick is starting to look a little dated and Rocks-Off have now launched a more stylish companion products, the Groovy-Chick. That said in comparison to the hordes or rudimentary plastic dongs on the market this sex toy is still ahead of the pack.

RO-120mm Bullet Vibrator

The RO-120mm Bullet Vibrator represents a natural development of the Rocks-Off range of sex toys. Identical in shape to the RO-80mm vibrator its larger size means Rocks-Off sex toys were able to incorporate a larger and more powerful vibrating motor and move from the 1.5V LR1 Alkaline batteries to the universally available AAA cells. Two of these easy to obtain batteries provide the power for this new bullet vibrator.

The RO-120mm Bullet Vibrator has 5 speeds in contrast to the single speed of its older and smaller sibling the RO-80mm. However, like the RO-80mm it is waterproof and has only one simple push-button control that turns the bullet on, cycles through the speeds and modes and then turns the vibrator off again.

Rocks-Off Sex Toys sell the RO-120mm Bullet on its own and in a variety of sleeves with differing contours. There is even a silicone rabbit vibrator powered by the RO-120mm available from Rocks-Off.

RO-80mm Bullet Vibrator

Small bullet vibrators are one of the staple products of sex toy manufacturers around the world. And by around the world that usually means made in China, stuck in a box by a company elsewhere and badges as their own. They tend to be generic and of variable quality.

Rocks-Off Sex toys took the decision to design and have custom made their own bullet vibrator and named it the RO-80mm. If you have never seen one the RO-80mm bullet is 80mm long, so naming it was not too much of a leap of imagination for Rocks-Off. It provides on speed activated by the single push-button control at one end from the powerful vibrating motor at the other.

In between is a 1.5V LR1 Alkaline battery providing the power for this waterproof bullet vibrator.

Used on its own the RO-80mm Bullet is intended for use by women on the vaginal opening and clitoris. It is not however designed or recommend for anal stimulation except around the outside of the anus. Inserting an RO-80mm Bullet in your anus would be dangerous as its smooth shape means there is a high risk of it being drawn inside. That said Rocks-Off do now make anal sex toys powered by the RO-80mm bullet which are designed for anal use – more of that in later posts.

What more is there to say about the RO-80mm Bullet?

Well, they are fully waterproof and come in a variety of colours, including a shiny chrome version. They are constructed predominantly of ABS plastic and to date provide the vibration for the vast majority of Rocks-Off Sex Toys’ vibrating sex toys.