Rocks-Off Ammunition For Love

With the original strap line of “Ammunition for Love” Rocks-Off started out with a theme that has permeated their product line ever since. Their first sex toys were powered by the RO-80mm bullet. Indeed their first two sex toys were the Rock-Chick, a silicone vibrator designed for dual stimulation of the G-Spot and Clitoris, powered by the RO-80mm bullet and the RO80mm Bullet itself sold as a stand-alone bullet vibrator.

Subsequent toys have been based on a similar formula, and RO-80mm Bullet with different silicone sleeves and recently toys based around the larger, more powerful and more versatile RO-120mm bullet.

Rocks-Off’s range of sex toys is surprisingly large for a company that has only been in existence since 2005 with their range now covering toys exclusively for the male market, toys for couples (in the shape of several cock rings) as well as new designs for the female market.