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Rude Boy Prostate Massager

The Rude Boy is a male sex toy and prostate massager with added perineal stimulation. Formed from silicone in a wide V shape one of the arms of the V is inserted into the anus and the other points forward resting against the perineum. Vibrations from the sex toy’s RO-80mm Bullet are transmitted to the perineum, opening of the anus and to a lesser extend inside the rectum up to the P-Spot.

Identifying an increased interest among heterosexual and homosexual men for a device specifically for P-Spot stimulation led to this, Rocks-Off’s first P-Spot massager. This simple male sex toy is easy to use and clean, none threatening to the beginner and very effective.

The Rude Boy Prostate Massager was recently sold in conjunction with the Monkey Spanker masturbator sex toy as a complimentary pair of male sex toys. Perhaps the ultimate in male self-indulgence; masturbation, and two sex toys at one? LOL