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RO-100mm Soft Tip Bullet

The RO-100mm Soft Tip Bullet is shaped more like a real shell than any of its Rocks-Off predecessors. It would appear from the fact that it’s physically similar in size to an RO-80mm Bullet and uses the same N (LR1) cells to power it that the RO100mm is actually an enhanced version of Rock-s Off’s original bullet vibrator.

The “Soft Tip” name comes from the fact that the RO-100mm Bullet differs from its hard-cased predecessor the RO-80mm Bullet by having a tip made from silicone. This gives the bullet a slightly longer reach (that would be an extra 20mm then LOL) and a different feel because of the texture of the silicone.

In one respect this isn’t a huge leap for the Rocks-Off company because of the use of the RO-80mm’s vibrating engine, but the silicone tip is a clever way to leverage an existing design and give a reasonably differentiated product.