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Mini-Mates Vibrators

The Mini-Mates range of vibrators from Rocks-Off is a series of RO-120mm Bullet powered sex toys all of which are differentiated by a different silicone sleeves. They are named Disco, Fever, Twirl, Jive, Fab and Funky and are available in a variety of colours, both solid colours and patterned.

If you are looking for a more substantial vibrator than the RO-80mm Bullet based offerings from Rocks-Off can provide then you might want to consider a Mini-Mate. There are six to choose from and some were even released as box sets with a single RO-120mm Bullet vibrator and a number of sleeves allowing you to change and experiment with different textures in your play. These multi-sleeve boxes are “special editions” of sorts and not being part of the main Rocks-Off sex toys product range may be limited in number.